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A common request I receive on social media is people asking to use my art for their phone wallpapers. I have some art available as digital downloads formatted specifically for phone wallpapers here, and I have a some free wallpapers available on my story highlights on Instagram as well, so check there first before purchasing this!

I know some artists may allow people to use their art for free, but I am a big believer in artists being compensated for the use of their work! Everyone can still enjoy it for free when I share it online myself~ When people want to use it for their own things, I think it is fair to purchase the use. ♡ Just like you buy a sticker to put on your water bottle or an art print for your wall, using it for your phone wallpaper is like a digital sticker or art print.

I’m so glad people enjoy my work, and I appreciate when they recognize the value and support me in this way! If you use the artwork of other artists on social media as well for personal phone wallpapers, I encourage you to see if they have a Ko-fi or other platform that takes tips and tip them for the use when you can. 🙂

By purchasing this phone wallpaper pass, you agree with all above information, and that all copyright and ownership of the illustration remains with Katrina Wold/Katrina Wold Art. You agree that the illustration may not be used for any other purpose, it may not be sold, and all commercial use is prohibited. All images are protected under intellectual property copyright law, © Katrina Wold – Katrina Wold Art.