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Get a customized piece of art full of your tiny friends! These also make wonderful gifts, tattoos, or memorial pieces. ♡

You will receive a digital 8 x 10 inch, 300dpi .JPG file for printing, as well as a .PNG file at 2160 x 3840 pixels to use as a phone background, both delivered to the email you place the order with.

These are hand-created by me with lots of love, so please allow 1-6 weeks processing time for me to make your art. ♡

Physical product add-ons are available here, where you can order your customized tiny pet image as fine art prints signed by me, vinyl stickers, and custom knit sweaters or blankets! These don’t have to be ordered at the same time, you can always get them later.

These are simplified versions of your pets, and I will match them as closely as possible. Each image comes with a solid-color background and the option for simple, single-color ornamentation like sparkles, stars, hearts, etc. Accessories can be added, and they will also be simplified versions in limited colors in the same style as the pets.

You can reply to your order confirmation email with any reference photos, or send them separately to hello@katrinawoldart.com.

NOTE: For the different pet model bases, if you don’t see your pet’s breed or animal type, you may list that instead of the model number and I will create a new base model. The new model will be added to the collection! I currently have cats and bunnies made, but any pets can be requested so I can start building a library of other animals, such as dogs, birds, reptiles, etc. Please allow extra time for your art to be created if I’m making a new base for it.

I will eventually be releasing general pet colors and breeds as regular products, like stickers and keychains (ex. black cats, grey cats, orange cats, tuxedo cats, different dog breeds, etc.), so if you don’t need  fully customized art and just want one that is similar to yours, feel free to keep an eye out for future product releases! ✨

Images are for personal use only. By purchasing, you agree that all copyright and ownership remains with Katrina Wold Art, the image may not be sold, it may not be used in AI or NFTs, and all commercial use is prohibited. All images are protected under intellectual property copyright law, © Katrina Wold – Katrina Wold Art. All rights reserved.