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The majority of my work is only available through my website and shop, but some of my art is available elsewhere on the internet, so feel free to shop through your favorite print-on-demand website if you prefer! Some may include discontinued or older designs as well.
Regarding art prints, INPRNT is the best option with archival, gallery-quality fine art prints. It’s an excellent way to purchase prints in larger sizes than what I offer on my website, and it has the biggest selection of my designs. ♡ Please note, their quality is excellent, but orders are fulfilled slowly.
The rest of the sites offer a variety of products including apparel, accessories, and home goods.

Other Products and Partnerships

Explore work created in partnership with other brands! ✨ 


Vashti’s House

Focused on emotional wellness, Vashti’s House is committed to providing data-supported and evidence-based personal and professional services, products, and resources to help create foundations of home in accessible and impactful ways:


“How Does the Kitty Feel?: Empathy and Perspective” Children’s Book

Written by Vashti Young, Illustrated by Katrina Wold