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(Commissions and custom art and commission/custom art add-on products are exempt from all discounts and offers unless explicitly stated.)

Automatic Quantity Discounts

  • 10% - 25% Off Stickers and Sticker Sheets

    Automatic quantity discounts apply when purchasing 4 or more stickers and/or sticker sheets. 10% off 4-7 stickers/sheets, 15% off 8-11 stickers/sheets, 20% off 12-15 stickers/sheets, and 25% off 16+ stickers/sheets.

  • 10% - 20% Off Bookmarks

    Automatic quantity discounts when purchasing 4 or more bookmarks, includes regular and magnetic. 10% off 4-7 bookmarks, 20% off 8+ bookmarks.

Discount Codes

  • 15% Off First Order

    Get a discount code for 15% off your first order after signing up to the newsletter. Newsletter subscribers will receive other exclusive discount codes not available otherwise (typically 10% off large shop updates and 15% off around Thanksgiving).

Freebie Stickers

Colors, material, and/or laminate finish may vary from those pictured.

While supplies last, each order shipped by me will come with one of each:

Random Cat Heart Vinyl Sticker

2.5" x 2.25" Matte or Holo Vinyl Sticker - Waterproof, UV- & Scratch-resistant

Random Teeny Vinyl Sticker

1"~ matte or holo vinyl sticker - waterproof, UV- & scratch-resistant

Teeny stickers may be of any sticker design currently in my shop, not just those pictured.

If you would like a specific color/variation of the full size freebie or teeny freebie, leave a note with your order –  I will try to make sure you get it if it’s in stock!

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