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Commercial Work

I would love to collaborate with you on your commercial projects and help bring your ideas to life. ♡ I have completed a variety of work for clients including t-shirt designs, book cover art, children’s picture books, app/mobile game components, logos, and manual illustrations.


Some of my pre-existing illustrations are available for licensing, and I am also available for new projects to make something unique for you and your business.


I do not typically sell the copyright to my work. Licenses for my pre-existing work are non-exclusive, meaning other people may also purchase a license for the same illustration. Custom commercial projects are typically exclusive, particularly for smaller businesses, meaning it will not be licensed out to anyone else but you. I retain the right to use it in my portfolia/website/etc., and may offer prints after a period of exclusivity. Copyright may be purchased for an additional fee on a case-by-case basis. None of my work may be used or licensed for NFTs or AI.


If you have a different standard agreement with artists, please contact me to discuss the terms!


All commercial work is done with a contract. Unless discussed otherwise, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the agreed-upon fee is due when contract is signed by both parties and before work commences. Project will be delivered with watermark removed after the full flat fee or advance on royalties has been paid.


Licensing Pre-Existing Art

This is a display-only, non-exclusive license for pre-existing illustrations, for use online and print. This works well if you want to display something for a limited time, such as an editorial illustration, website art, flyer design, et cetera.

If you intend to display it permanently, a perpetual display license may be purchased for a $200 one-time fee instead.

Art with a display license may not be resold or incorporated into products, and must be credited to Katrina Wold.

This is a non-exclusive commercial license for pre-existing illustrations, for online and print. This is for use in your own store/physical business or website - not for use with print-on-demand websites.

You may distribute and re-sell the work depending on contract agreement, such as incorporating it into t-shirt designs, book covers, etc. Must be credited as officially licensed Katrina Wold Art products.

If you previously purchased a perpetual display-only license and would like to upgrade to a full commercial license for the same illustration, the display fee may be credited towards the full license.

*$400 advance on royalties, with the royalty % being determined depending on use. 

If you don't need to make your own products and would just like to offer Katrina Wold Art items in your store, I offer wholesale as well. ♡

Custom Commercial Projects

This is for custom commercial work with a display-only license for use online and print, such as editorial illustrations, business graphics and materials not used for resale/incorporated into products, et cetera. Terms and fee will be determined depending on the scope of the project. It can be credited toward a full commercial license if you would like to upgrade later.

This is for custom commercial work being incorporated into products and distributed/sold for profit. This can include logos, book covers, album covers, picture books, and illustrations used for any kind of product like t-shirts, home decor, art prints, et cetera. Terms and fees/royalties will be determined depending on the project.

Let's work together!

Send an inquiry using the form below, or email me at hello@katrinawoldart.com.


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