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Hi, I'm Katrina!

artist and owner of Katrina Wold Art

It’s nice to meet you. I’m happy you’re here!


I am an illustrator from Alaska. I make art inspired by things that are gentle and happy, typically created in black and white or warm neutrals. I work in both traditional and digital mediums, with digital art and pen & ink being my current focus.

I am a self-taught artist and have been drawing for as long as I can remember. I began creating fine art prints from my work in 2011, and later furthered my art education in college, graduating from the University of Alaska. I started making my own products in 2022, adding to my existing commissions, licensing, and print-on-demand items.


For me, art is a way to express my delight and gratitude for the things that make life lovely. My work is influenced by the comfort of a quiet, simple life. By living slow and being intentional about appreciating the wonder all around. By how invaluable love is, and the importance of treating all things—people, animals, the earth—with kindness and care.

I’m very introverted and really enjoy being home with my four cats. I love making my space as cozy as possible, and my sister Sara and I are currently renovating our 1970 house with that in mind.


My time is best spent making art (of course), drinking fun little drinks (coffee and tea), snuggling with my cats, trying to keep my plants alive, admiring the outdoors, and reading or playing video games. These themes are often reflected in my art, and I hope to share them with people who enjoy the same. ♡

Meet the Team

Yurei the black cat


Unpaid Intern

Line drawing of Yurei the cat
Woolly the brown tuxedo cat



Line drawing of Woolly the cat
Nimbie the grey cat



Drawing of Nimbie the cat
Drawing of Nimbie the cat

Feel free to check out some products, like stickers and phone wallpaper, or commission something (like your cute pet)! 


Thank you so much for stopping by. ♡